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performance 2.6 kW 


performance 4.0 kW 


Area capacity up to 1.600 m²/hour. 

Out of stock

Powerful, handy brush vacuum for careful, thorough dry cleaning of carpeted floors. Easy to operate and transport. 
Working width 35 cm.


Area performance up to 1.400 m² cleanliness/hour

Out of stock

Working width 43 cm

Out of stock

Area perfomance up to 2.300 m²/hour. 


Weighing  8 kg the Hako Cleanserv VD6 is a highly manoeuvrable, compact vacuum cleaner for use in offices or hotels. As a result of the low noise development and an optional Hepa filter the machine can also be used in hospitals and noise sensitive areas.


Area performance up to 1.700 m² cleanliness/hour 


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